May 18th, 2019

BioHack 2019 Winners

  • Overall 1st Place:

    The Remembrall app is a companion app that was created for those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Rememberall helps the user remember important details of their own life by using real time user entered data. The user can input their thoughts, memories, pictures and important information about themselves to aid throughout their daily lives.

  • Best Google Hack:

    Skancare aims to bring awareness to skin ailments by utilizing machine learning to classify skin lesions. This program takes a close-up image of the skin and analyzes it to identify the lesion type. Skancare aims to make lesion diagnoses easier to identify.

  • Best Beginner's Hack:
    Sleep-Stone Bridge

    Sleep-Stone Bridge is a device that monitors the amount of excess light the user is exposed to. Excess light can cause a person’s regular 24-hour Circadian Rhythm to be disrupted and lead health risks such as, lack of sleep. This project alerts the user with light sensors during evening hours to lower light levels to preserve the Circadian Rhythm.

  • Best Startup Hack:
    Drowsy Drivers

    The Drowsy Driver’s program detects user awareness by examining images taken of the driver's face. Using MATLAB, the program isolates the driver’s eyes and determines whether the user's eyes are open or closed. The user will then receive notification that their eyes are closed and will be adjust their driving accordingly.

  • Best Hardware Hack:

    EpiTech is a device that monitors skin blemishes to accurately determine the effectiveness of the product you are using. It utilizes a micro spectrometer and cloud services to deliver real time data to patients and physicians while, determining the effectiveness of your acne treatment.

  • Best Humitarian Hack:
    Air Quality Index Map

    The Air Quality Index (AQI) Map allows health and environmentally conscious people to monitor current and local air quality indices (AQI) in their area. The AQI map displays the current air conditions for any location through Google Maps so that users may know the air quality of places they plan to visit.

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Keynote Speaker: Alexis Schomer

Alexis is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving probems through innovation. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, where she co-founded her first tech start-up. Alexis has been recognized for her passion and hard work as a business owner by the City of Santa Barbara, the Camarillo City Council, the California State Legislature, and the US Congress; and was awarded the Emerging Business Award by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation. She is a frequent speaker at educational and motivational events, publishes articles across various disciplines, and is a consultant for marketing and business practices in addition to running her current startup.

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